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How to do SEO Audit in 10 minutes and rank your website number one

There’s two main steps to doing your website audit in under 10 minutes, the first step is to log in to Google search console. When you log into Google search console, look for pages that rank highest for similar terms. While most people think that if they want to rank number 1 for dogs or SEO or cats or whatever the subject is, that you want to create as much content around that topic. Although that’s true in some ways, it’s also wrong at the same time. Here’s what I mean by that; you want to create a ton of content but you don’t want to create a ton of pages on the same exact topic, because they’re going to compete and that’s going to conflict with Google.

It’ll be like wait which page do I rank about dogs, they all have similar keywords and they’re all about the same thing. So when you have content around the same topics, you want to combine them. That lets Google know that this is the main page that’s around dogs. You want to use the model of pillar pages.

So a good example of this is the beginner’s guide to SEO by Moz. It ranks number one on google for the term SEO at least in the United States and it has an introductory paragraph and page more so on SEO. Then the link into all the other sections of SEO those other pages also rank really well for those niche terms and niche topics around SEO and the main category page on SEO ranks really well because it breaks out

This is the beginner’s guide to SEO that’s the model I’m talking about leveraging pillar pages, so in search console look for pages that are competing combine them. And start structuring it in a way that’s similar more to the beginner’s guide to SEO then in search console.

I want you to find the pages that are popular but have a low CTR see these pages are somewhat ranking but no one’s clicking on them because of the title tag or a meta description once you figure that out. I want you to go to click flow, click close a tool it allows you to test your title tags. I’ll even give you recommendations on how to improve the click throughs.

You don’t have to come up with your own formula or anything like that quick poll will do the hard work for you then from there in search console you’ll also see the pages that are super popular. I want you to then start leveraging the land and expand strategy.

The second strategy is to ensure that your site your website is optimized for the SEO content and correct it. A website you can use to review your website content is

With this tool, you will check the following

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Keywords
  • Headings
  • Images attribute
  • Text/HTML ratio and links.

With the free PDF report, you can use save it report. And then review again after few weeks to see the improvement of your website and ranking. Click Here to Try Today