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How To Make Money on TIKTOK

Are you seeking to learn how you may make money on Tiktok, You are in the right place. I’m going to expose you five exclusive methods that you can use to make money on Tiktok.

With over one billion people watching Tiktok every single month, companies are dying to get a piece of that customer attention. Some creators are even making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month from their Tiktok account.

Here are 10 easy ways to make money on Tiktok in 2022.

To learn how to make money online and reach financial independence without working 9-5 everyday.

Going Live on Tiktok

If you already have a Tiktok account, then the easiest way is to go live. You need to be 16 years of age and have at least over a thousand followers. Also, if you are 18 years plus you can get virtual gifts and that’s an amazing. Plus who doesn’t like gifts. With the free gifts and giveaways, you can convert into diamonds and once you reach 2 000 diamonds which is the equivalent of 10. Then you can start getting paid by tank top alternatively once you reach 10,000 followers and a 100k video views in the last 30 days and if you’re based in the us UK, France, Germany, Spain or Italy. You can tap into Tiktok creators fund and if your channel qualifies then you can start making money out of the creator fund as well.

Selling Ads Space

Another really great way to get paid for your tiktok account is to create ads/user-generated content. You’ve probably seen people posting videos on Youtube made me which they buy. Basically, what happens is a company that wants to promote their products and they will reach out to you. You can have a profile on fiverr for example and you can offer your services. Depending on the size of your channel you will be getting paid more to advertise a product on your channel. But here you really need to pay attention to your niche and provide ads to products that would really be relevant to your audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Now a great way for you to take this further is affiliate marketing. What that means is that you would be promoting certain products to your audience and you would get paid a small commission out of the total price that your audience are paying to purchase that product. You can do this super easily just go to clickbank and get affiliate links for certain products that meet your audience and your followers profile. Make sure you really stick to that niche and you don’t start promoting random things because it will look salesy and it will look like you are trying to profit off of your audience and they won’t like that. So clickbank is a easy way to get affiliate links. Another way is with specific companies where you can get automatic your affiliate links. Eg can do that with amazon affiliates you can do that with blinkist and skillshare and a bunch of others.

Another way you can make money on Tiktok is to create your media kit and then you can pitch yourself and your channel to certain companies once you grow a little bit more followers. You need to get their approval in order to get that affiliate marketing.

Tiktok creator marketplace

Another strategy is to register in the Tiktok creator marketplace. This is the marketplace for creators where companies can come and search for channels that fit with the audience that they’re looking to target. They will reach out to you with certain offers to promote their goods or services. Now in order to qualify and be able to be part of the marketplace what you need to have is have created at least 3 videos in the last 28 days, be over 18 and you need to have over 100,000 followers. Also you need to have your videos receive at least a hundred thousand video likes over the last 28 days. If that is the case then absolutely go and look into the creator marketplace for Tiktok.

Sales of Personal Products

Next way is if you want to start your own business as a freelancer or as an Entrepreneur. Then these are some of the ways that Tiktok can help you make even more money you can start selling merchandise. I am sure you’ve seen people on Tiktok promoting their merchandise such as T-shirts and hoodies or water bottles or dresses or tons of different products that they create with their own branding. Imagine if you go live and you mention your merchandise as well. Then you can connect even better with your audience and they will be absolutely thrilled to support you and buy. So if you’re wondering, how am i going to sell my merchandise? Here comes the next idea because obviously you can sell your merchandise through your own website. If you use a shopify store which can integrated directly into your tiktok profile then you can sell not only your merchandise but a lot of other products. You can start selling directly or dropshipping from alibaba.

Artist Promotion

Number 6 is essentially getting paid to promote other people’s audio tracks. There are lots of musicians out there: some incredibly talented and they would do anything to get their music more visible, more known and what better way to do that if not through Tiktok. Tiktok is such an incredible way to get unknown artists to become viral overnight. So you can get paid to promote certain audio tracks/artist. And the way you do that is coming back to the fiverr and upwork and other freelancer platforms. You can create a profile and you can offer your services depending on the size of your channel. As your channel grows, you can always go back and adjust those prices. Make sure that in your profile you showcase some of your better videos and you show the amount of people you’ve reached, the number of likes. Other artworks can also be sold such as NFTs, and other digital works can be promoted on your Tiktok channel.

Next four ones you don’t even need a Tiktok account in order to do them but you can still take advantage of the momentum that Tiktok is having..

Video editor

Number seven we’re talking about becoming a Video editor for Tiktok and if you already know how to edit videos then becoming specialized in Tiktok due to the incredible opportunity in it. As people are posting like crazy, we’re talking about 3, 4, 5 or maybe more Tiktok every single day and they need somebody to help them edit those videos. There are people paying $15, $20, $30 or $50 for one single Tiktok videos. Though it is not easy, in fact it’s probably harder than editing for Youtube because you only get 15, 30 or 60 seconds to get somebody hooked and you need to really edit in a certain way/different style than you would for Youtube.

Learn and sharpen these skill then advertise on freelancing site and showcase your skill in your profile. You can get direct requests on places like fiverr from people looking to create or edit their Tiktok videos.

Tiktok Virtual Assistant

Number 8 is becoming a research virtual assistant and what this means is that you would be working with one or multiple channels and help them stay up to speed on what is going viral. Because every channel needs to know what is trending in order to take advantage of that trend to take advantage of the wave and jump on the bandwagon. For their content too to go viral with other videos in the same style or dance routine or music background so you can help them grow their channel. By bringing them examples and new videos that are going viral, that are growing fast so they can take advantage as well so if you like consuming content yourself. you can absolutely become a virtual assistant and help research for existing Tiktok accounts.

Tiktok Growth Consultant

While number eight is great, there is an amazing way to take it one step further and that is becoming a growth consultant for Tiktok. Obviously having experience as a research virtual assistant will help a lot but as a growth consultant. You can work with existing channels or new channels and help them reach their growth aspirations. You can give them advice on what kind of videos to put out, how many, how often and so forth. And how to tap into the growth potential that tiktok has in order for them to be able to grow their audience and reach more people. So that they can promote their brand or promote their products to more and more people through the platform.

Social Media Account Manager for Tiktok

For number 10; From a Tiktok account manager, this is a great opportunity for you to continue your growth in your career as a freelancer or in your site business. This builds on what we’ve talked about at number eight and number nine. As a Tiktok account manager, you would be in charge of the content creation, the operations of one or more Tiktok channels. What this essentially means is that you working with a brand or an individual who are looking to build their community on Tiktok. What you would do is help them with the editorial calendar and content. You would help them with the growth strategy, talk about how much, when and what to post, then you would help them do the research and figure out what’s trending and what’s not and then help upload that content and manage the channel when it comes to answering comments and so on. If they have a shopify or website account then you can take on managing the shopify account. There’s a lot of opportunity for you to grow and obviously charge more when you are specialized Tiktok.

I hope you have learn alot from from some of ways that you can make money on Tiktok in 2022.