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5 Websites to Make Money Online in 2022

Here are 5 websites for graphic designeto make money online in 2022. Anyone can put these ideas to use and make money with little effort and since they are online, no matter which part of the world you are, you can apply it too. With the rise in the number of people working from home due to covid-19, many people are turning to making money online. Whether it is through affiliate marketing and or other working from home schemes, you too can learn exactly how to achieve this and possible leave the 9-to-5 job and work from home.

#1 Website to Make Money online in 2022 is canva

Canva is actually really amazing and has been around for a while now. Still I want to put it in here because you can start so many businesses around just this one tool. And using it, you can Make Money online in 2022 on fiverr with canva. So they have very many templates over here that you can use or you can start from scratch. It just depends on you and how creative you are. And if you go to, you can advertise your services and get freelance jobs to use canv. Or simply use the canva affiliate programme to get paid.

When creating youtube thumbnails, intros, outros banners and things like that, you can do any of those things on canva. Logos for podcasters is a great market too. For their Cover art and you can get an idea of what people are actually looking for, eg youtube thumbnails. Or if you’re already freelancing and whatever it is for networking, customer engagement, product branding, you can use canva to create the images for you.

You can find some people who need this type of service and podcasts are actually getting super big nowadays. This is pretty cool, you can definitely use a tool like for free and obviously they do have paid versions over here. canva but you can start working using the free stuff once you start making money you can probably afford just a subscription of canva to get unlimited access all right.

#2 Website to Make Money online in 2022 is Vista Create

Crello is an online graphic design tool that allows users to quickly create designs for social media, blogs, marketing materials, and other types of ad to Make Money online in 2022. It is use to build your social media presence and reach your audience with engaging visual content! To create images, videos, and animations to suit your marketing needs. Simply choose from the available templates and customize to your needs. It can also be used to easily remove background and set Up Brand Kit all Free.

They have changed the name from crello to Vista Create which is pretty much like another version of canva. It is similar to canva but they just have different images and templates. That you can use so you can create your instagram posts, facebook covers, youtube thumbnails and so much more.

It is also great for ebooks covers and designs because their ebook templates are actually really good and to find ebook templates you can just search ebook. When you click on any template, they will show you all of the pages and what each page looks like. Then you can edit the pages however you like and you can add more pages, duplicate these pages. With these you can create awesome cover photo and create lead magnets for other people. So if you showcase them on fiverr, it can be a good source of lead magnet to design for people such as entrepreneurs and individuals who actually need them.

#3 Website to Make Money online in 2022 is

It is browser app that you can Make Money online in 2022. Pixlr, the No 1 in photo editing and design tools. It can be used to edit photos and create stunning designs right in your browser, on your phone or desktop.

Pixlr is owned by Inmagine and it is part of a creative ecosystem on a mission to make design easy for everyone. You can use it to create unique photo masterpieces and sell on fiverr or payhip. For when you want to push your creative boundaries and you can explore Pixlr’s easy-to-use tools, templates, elements and fonts.

#4 Website to Make Money Online in 2022 is payhip

It is the easiest way to sell digital downloads and memberships according to their website. They actually do make it pretty easy for you to register and start selling. So if you have any digital downloads or memberships that you want to start selling, you can sell here. “we make it a piece of cake to sell and promote your ebooks membership, softwares, designs, assets music, or any type of digital products directly to your customers” they say on their website.

If you make beats or music, you can sell it through here as well and you can set up memberships. Whatever you want to do on here and this is an awesome website because they actually have a lot of marketing materials for you to use as well and you don’t have to pay for this. You can use the free version to get started and what they do is they take a very small percentage but only whenever you sell something. So you don’t actually have to pay for this upfront.

When you check pricing, you can see that it’s say zero dollars per month and it’s free forever. They only take out a five percent transaction fee, so that is not bad at all you get all features and unlimited products, unlimited revenue.

They also have some marketing features, for example you can add coupons to any of your products. You can even set it up so that you have affiliates working for you. When they promote the products and you would give them a percentage of your sales as well. If you can get people to actually become affiliates for your product, this is definitely another great way to make money in 2022.

You can use this for anything like that if you have eg e-book that you want to sell or if you want to start selling memberships and Make Money online in 2022 .

#5 Website to Make Money Online is Fiverr

Fiverr is the last but not the least to use and Make Money online in 2022. It is the ultimate business solution designed for individuals, teams or company who want to make money providing services online. And for connecting freelancers with proven business experience the best deals for their services to get paid.

When you register on fiverr, start advertising the products you created and get matched with potential customers. Though is not new to many but don’t be afraid to advertise your services or products on fiverr.

Did I mention it is free to sign up. Yes, it is free and anyone, no matter your country or location can register.

So what are you waiting for, you too can make money online in 2022, so don’t relent.

You can get started today and good-luck to your success.

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